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Welcome to the ACT Branch of the Economic Society of Australia.

The Canberra Branch is one of the larger branches of the Economic Society, boasting a membership of 300+ members across a variety of sectors including the public service, academe, private and NGOs. Anyone interested in contemporary economic issues and debates is invited to join the Canberra Branch of the Economic Society of Australia. No special qualifications are required for membership, simply an interest in economic issues! Student members are eligible for discounted membership rates.  

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The first Australian Conference of Economists (ACE) was held in May 1970 in Melbourne, Victoria. The conference has since become an annual event. Responsibility for hosting the conference rotates between the various State Branches, while Central Council provides both continuity and support. ACE is the leading conference for economists in Australia. Each year it attracts top academic, policy and market economists to present their research and interact. The conference features both regional and international speakers. ACE 2015 will be hosted by the Queensland Branch of the Society in association with Brisbaneā€based universities. The conference will be held at the Queensland University of Technology’s Gardens Point Campus from 7 to10 July 2015.   Research presented at the conference will span all areas of economics including theory, applied economics and econometrics. Several outstanding keynote speakers will set the tone by exploring the conference’s theme of how economic research informs policy and business decisions.  For example:  

  • Paul Klemperer has played a major role in designing auctions for mobile spectrum; his product mix auction has been instrumental in the Bank of England’s management of the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis.


  • Ariel Rubinstein has pioneered research on game theory and decision theory which underpins many applications currently applied to government and business strategies.

  Other international keynote speakers include Federico Bandi and Paul Ferraro known respectively for their work in time series econometrics and the design of environmental policies.   The link between research and practice will be explored in a series of round table discussions focusing on economic policy. Policy panelists and other distinguished speakers include Paul Frijters, Bob Gregory, Warwick McKibbon, and John Quiggin among others.   Conference attendees will further have opportunities to be exposed to the latest thinking in areas such as econometrics, cost benefit analysis and behavioural economics through professional development workshops offered at the conference.   If you are interested in the conference or would like to get involved, please contact our Program Chair, Professor Uwe Dulleck ( or Timothy Wonhof, President, Economic Society of Australia (Qld) (     ACE2014 Published Proceedings  – not all are available yet but you can see some contributions here


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