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A Council is elected each year to provide voluntary administration and organisation of the Society. The Council organises functions, engages with students, represents the organisation at conferences and meetings, and advises on the strategic direction of the organisation. 

We are always looking for members to involve themselves in the running of the organisation. Please contact us on to express your interest in becoming involved.

Our ACT Council members are listed with their organisations - to show the range of institutions in Canberra.  The Council members are elected as individuals to the Council and are not purporting to represent their employers.

Council Members

President - Patricia (Trish) Cameron, KPMG

Vice President - Guy Jakeman, ACIL Allen Consulting

Secretary - Bradley (Brad) Rogers, Delta Pearl Partners

Treasurer - Sharen Mack

Committee Members

Deputy Secretary - Alexander Looi - ANU

Deputy Treasurer - Tim de Rango

Colin Lyons
Dr Cate Rogers - WEN Chair
Riley Curtain, YE Chair, ANU
Brooke Corkhill, YE member, ANU
Aden Hamilton

ACT WEN Committee

Dr Cate Rogers (Chair)

Assistant Secretary, Climate Resilience and Finance

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Dr Maria Racionero (Vice Chair)

Associate Professor, Research School of Economics

Australian National University


Cathryn Lee (Treasurer)

Director, Deloitte Access Economics


Linda Ward

Chief Operating Officer

Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Cecilia Karmel

PhD Sir Roland Wilson Scholar (The Treasury), Crawford School of Public Policy

Australian National University


Catie Bradbear

Inquiry Manager,Productivity Commission


Winifred Hanson

Head of Academic Engagement

Canberra Girls Grammar School


Jess Stone

Assistant Director, Office of the Pacific

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Shelby Schofield

Chief Economist, Office for Women

All contact with ACT ESA Council is managed through our Secretariat: 
Merrillee Chignell, Executive Officer - or 0413 847 838  


To view the Constitution of the ACT ESA click here.

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Australian Capital Territory

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