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ACE 2023

The Australian Conference of Economists (ACE) 2023 was held from the 9 - 12 July 2023 in Brisbane, Queensland. 

The aim was to organise a conference with interest to all economists, both academic and professional. Only by a balanced approach of practice and theory can we solve the problems our society faces.

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Ganna Pogrebna, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Brad DeLong, University of California, Berkeley
  • Professor Ross Garnaut, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Jan Eeckhout, Pompeu Fabra University

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Agarwal & Bishop

Do firms respond to skill shortages with wage increases

Alicia Bubb

Couple Taxation & Part-Time Employment

Alison Preston

The falling postgraduate wage premium

Andrew Barker

Tackling barriers to (beneficial) housing mobility

Anushiva Thanapalan

Agricultural policy instruments to overcome negative impacts of intensive farming practices

Avish Sharma

The impact of monetary policy on home ownership

Brad DeLong

The 20th Century

Brendan Fugate

Income types, Income tax and income inequality

Cameron Chisholm

How the taxation of superannuation affects welfare and the budget

Cameron Gordan

Determining the proper place of economic evaluation in health

Charles Siriban

Kinship ties in politics and response to extreme weather shocks

Elcin Tuzel

The impact of school Autonomy on Student Outcome - Evidence from PISA Data

Elikplimi Komla Agbloyor

We are Back Again! What Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models Tell Us

Emiliano Carlevaro

Contagion of bank failures through the interbank network in Argentina

Frederico Zilio

Earnings risk and income insurance evidence from Australian tax data

Gulnara Nolan

Does monetary policy affect non-mining business investment in Australia evidence from BLADE

Jayanta Sarkar

Behavioural Benefits of Credit Transfer: Evidence from an RCT in Bangladesh

Josiah Hickson

Peer gender norms and gender gaps in the Australian labour market

Leonora Risse

By how much is women's work undervalued in the economy and why does it matter

Manumoud Abdellafit

Assessing the Impact of R&D on Innovation in Qatar

Matt Cowgill

Employment forecasts- how accurate are they and how could they be improved

Muhammad Tayyab Ayaz

Total Factor Productivity and Energy Consumption in Non-OECD Asia

Nalini Agarwal

Do firms respond to sill shortages with wage increases

Omer Majeed

Do monetary policy shocks and economic conditions impact innovation?

Patrick Elkington

Markups and Misallocation across privately and publicly-held firms

Peter Abelson

Housing prices and returns in Australia 1980-2023

Peter Tulip

Housing Targets for Local Councils

Serguei Mikhailitchenko

Public ‘Goods’ in Higher Education

Thanam Murugan

Are women with children more likely to be underemployed

Theara Khoun

 Awaiting Presentation

Thi Hoa Nguyen

Productive Responses to Temperate - Evidence from Australian Agricultural Businesses

Trent Wiltshire

Australia’s Migration Opportunity

Trinh Le

The exposure of Australia's housing stock to climate risks

Tyler Reysenbach

Short-changed - how to stop the exploitation of migrant workers in Australia

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